Bexley Community House 


 The house was established in 2014, as a residence for the retired and elderly confreres and it was erected as a community on 4th October 2019. 


The first missionaries were Fr. Giovanni Raccanello and Fr. Dino Torresan. Fr. Angelo Cagna came as the confrere in charge. Fr. Angelo left in 2015 and I was asked to replace  him.

The purpose of this community is to accommodate elderly and retired confreres.However only two can reside here, as  there are only three rooms, the third one being for the confrere in charge, who has to take care of them. 


Today there are three conferees living in the community namely: Fr. Giovanni Raccanello, Fr. Dino Torresan and Fr. Adriano Pittarello. 


Presently Fr. Adriano Pittarello Chaplain to the Italians in the Archdiocese of Sydney and carry pastoral care to the Italian migrants of the area. On Sundays Fr. Adriano Pittarello has regular Masses at Rockdale and Earlwood. He also acts as chaplain of the Scalabrini Village of Bexley and of the Village of Drummoyne, and celebrate a weekly Mass in both of them. 

House for Retired Priests

20 Harrow Road

Bexley, NSW 2207

Tel. (02)8060 1595



Communication Office Asia-Australia. 

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