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Scalabrinian Year 2021-2022

"Making the world homeland of man"

This is the theme of the Scalabrinian Year, which will begin on November 7, 2021: a special time to make the figure of the blessed Bishop Scalabrini, founder of the congregation of missionaries for migrants shine.

The twenty-fifth anniversary of the beatification of Giovanni Battista Scalabrini will occur in 2022. It was in fact November 9, 1997, the feast of the dedication of the Lateran Basilica, when Pope John Paul II proclaimed the bishop and founder of the Scalabrinian congregation blessed, setting the liturgical memorial for June 1, the date of his death. To make his testimony as a missionary bishop shine more prominently, an inspiration for those who feel they are giving their lives to Christ alongside migrants, refugees and seafarers, the superiors of the three Institutes of the Scalabrinian Family have announced a Scalabrinian Year which will begin on Sunday 7. November 2021 and will end on Wednesday 9 November 2022. Passion for migrants The initiative, conducted under the patronage of the diocese of Piacenza-Bobbio, of which the blessed was bishop, aims to offer a special time to make known a man "deeply in love with God and extraordinarily devoted to the Eucharist", who "knew translating the contemplation of God and his mystery into an intense apostolic and missionary action, doing everything to everyone to proclaim the Gospel ”as John Paul II said on the occasion of his beatification.

Scalabrinian Fathers, Sisters and Lay Seculars

"For us, who recognize him as founder and inspirer, the beatification of G.B. Scalabrini is not just a memory - we read in the Letter of Indiction, written by Father Leonir Chiarello (Scalabrinian missionaries), Sister Neusa de Fatima Mariano (Scalabrinian missionary nuns) and Regina Widmann (Scalabrinian secular missionaries) - It is above all an invitation to follow their footsteps (...) a commitment to make him known, to talk about him, to tell of his passion for migrants (...) finally an appeal to ask for his intercession for the mission that the Church has entrusted to our Institutes, for the growth in the faith of those with whom we share the Word ». The Scalabrinian Year, whose theme will be Making the world the homeland of man, is part of the line of Pope Francis' invitation to collaboration, and will involve the local Church, the members of the three institutes, the Scalabrinian laity groups and the communities migrants.

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